Educating for Diversity and Social Justice

Date: Monday, 25 August 2014
Time: 1pm – 2 pm
Venue: Frank Tate Room, Level 9, 100 Leicester St

Amanda Keddie (University of Queensland) will discuss themes from her recent book, which foregrounds the personal stories of educators who are engaging schooling as a site of possibility for realising the goals of social justice.

It frames education as a practice of freedom where young people – especially those who are marginalised – can learn that they have a voice and the power to change their world for the better.

Drawing on the work of US philosopher Nancy Fraser, the book examines issues of justice and schooling in relation to three dimensions: political, cultural and economic.

Through practical examples from the case study research, the book illustrates the complexities and possibilities associated with schools providing inclusive environments where marginalised voices are heard (political justice), where marginalised culture is recognized and valued (cultural justice) and where marginalised students are supported to achieve academically towards accessing the material benefits (economic justice).

Source: Julie McLeod, EPEI,