Digital media and teacher education in Latin America, presented by Inès Dussel

Date: 28 November 2014
Time: 1pm - 2:15pm
Venue: Seminar rooms L.713 and L.714, Level 7, 100 Leicester St
RSVP: Julie McLeod:

This seminar presents comparative research on the introduction of digital technologies in teacher education in four Latin American countries (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay).

These technologies appear as important players in the new social geography of teacher education, not only pressing for a renewal in content and methods but also opening the way for new actors and forms -transnational learning companies, virtual universities, practitioners' forums, and the much-publicized MOOCs- that purportedly bypass the knowledge and accreditation systems of national states.

The comparative study sought to map policy strategies, pedagogical discourses, and relevant actors in ICT policies and practices in teacher education in each country, with special attention to the role of global forces in the reshaping of teacher education. The analysis was grounded in Actor-Network Theory (ANT) and political sociology of educational reform.

Inès Dussel is a visiting Dyason Fellow and Professor at CINVESTA, Mexico.