Assessment Research Centre Occasional Seminar

Assessing collaborative problem solving

Presented by A/Prof Esther Care, Nafisa Awwal, Susan-Marie Harding, Claire Scoular and chaired by Professor Patrick Griffin.

Date: November 18 2014, 4.00-5.00pm
Venue: 234 Queensberry Street, 219 Theatre

This seminar describes how collaborative problem solving (CPS), a complex 21st century skill, can be assessed via human to human collaboration online. Innovative processes to identify individuals’ social and cognitive abilities have been developed by the Centre in an international research effort conducted since 2010. This seminar outlines the approach of identifying and interpreting chat and action events from log files generated from online assessment tasks. The tasks are taken by pairs of students who interact virtually. The results of data analysis show that individual students’ ability can be estimated and provide an indication of the student’s readiness to develop their CPS skills.

All are warmly invited to attend this seminar which will demonstrate some exciting developments in the assessment arena, especially in the lead-up to PISA 2015 set to include CPS for the first time.