What do a Professor, an Ex-Principal and a Criminal Barrister have in common with Early Childhood Consultants?

Date: Monday 17 June 2013
Time: 7:00pm- 9:00pm 
Venue: 234 Queensberry Street, Theatre 230
RSVP: admin@agecs.org.au

Free Public Lecture provided by the Association of Graduates in Early Childhood Studies

In this lecture we will seek to tie in the relevance of early brain development and early childhood experience and explore how quality impacts on life outcomes.

Professor Frank Oberklaid from the Centre for Community Child Health - RCH;  Criminal Prosecutor Carolyn Burnside; and Bella Irlicht, ex-Principal of Port Phillip Specialist School will join the panel and use their expertise in their relevant fields to contribute to the discussion.  

Places are limited so book quickly.