Global partnerships as sites for mutual learning

Date: Wednesday 24 April
Time: 5:15pm- 6:15pm 
Venue: Lecture Theatre 1, ICT Building, 111 Barry St, University of Melbourne
RSVP: by 23th April 2013

In this lecture, Fran Martin, University of Exeter, will outline a three-year research study Global Partnerships as Sites for Mutual Learning: teachers' professional development through study visits. The study has been informed by postcolonial, intercultural and transformative learning theories. The study visits investigated took place within two broader, long-standing educational partnerships, one between organisations in the UK and The Gambia, the other between the UK and Southern India. The aim of the study was to try to understand what types of personal and professional learning take place through intercultural interactions in post-colonial spaces.

The findings suggest that activities such as global partnerships, study visits, and intercultural learning are based on a comparative approach underpinned by an object-based logic. We argue that this leads to views of the ‘Other’ (Said, 1985) that undermine attempts to challenge stereotypes and develop positive attitudes towards difference. A relational logic is proposed as an alternative.