Curious Teachers, Curious Schools: Making Creativity Visible in Tasmanian Schools

Date:   Wednesday, 21st August, 2013
Time:   5.15 – 6.45 pm
Venue:    Frank Tate Room, Level 9, 100 Leicester Street, Carlton


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Curious Schools is an online project, touring exhibition, and emergent educational Community of Practice that aims to make creativity in schools in Tasmania more visible.  It was launched as a Community Engagement initiative in May 2013 and is an international partnership with Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education.

In this colloquium, project coordinator Mary Ann Hunter will discuss the conceptual foundations of the project, take you on a guided tour of the online component, and share some of the early findings from research being conducted with participating educators and artists.

In particular, Mary Ann will consider the ways in which Curious Schools is exploring a re-modelling of teacher professional learning in the light of recent Australian curriculum developments, Tasmania’s socio-educational context, and related developments in concurrent projects with colleagues in the field of Education for Sustainability.  The colloquium will invite discussion on the ways that the project’s facilitation of a discursive shift from ‘creativity’ to ‘curiosity’ appears to be opening new pathways for educators to reconsider the value and quality of their arts-lead and arts-informed practices in and beyond the arts classroom.

Mary Ann Hunter is Senior Lecturer in Arts Education and Faculty Postgraduate Coursework Coordinator at the University of Tasmania.  She is facilitator of the UTAS Creativity and Arts Teaching and Research Group and an Honorary Research Advisor with the School of English, Media Studies and Art History at the University of Queensland, where she was formerly Lecturer in Drama.  Mary Ann has worked in a range of industry, consultancy and community development positions in Australia and internationally. Her current research interests focus on the role of arts and creative practice in education and applied settings.