Collaboration between Glass Artist and ELC Children

Date:  Tuesday, 24th September,. 2013
Time:  5.15 – 6.45 pm
Venue: Frank Tate Room, Level 9, 100 Leicester Street, Carlton

RSVP: Please RSVP by Tuesday, 23rd September, 2013
Gina Grant /


Suzana Zaper’s life- long passion for glass originated in her childhood on the Croatian coast and her constant wonder about its antiquity inspired by found fragments of ancient sea glass and her many visits to the island of Murano. Meeting Philip at his studio for the first time was like watching a poem solidify, his movements baroque in intensity and yet the whole glass making process was like a simple saying of simple things. Philip was being immersed in his art in the same way children are when telling a story, and that was enough to start a unique meeting of imaginations. The children’s ideas, complex vocabulary and drawing designs become inspirational points for Philip who skilfully balances each individual vision and weaves them into vivid ideas of his own. The whole process therefore becomes the way in which glass meditates our seeing of the world. Suzana’s Curriculum has also been inspired by the collaborative force between the children and the artist whose generous and imaginative personality shaped the children and their identities and vice versa.

Suzana Zaper is an Early Childhood Educator of twenty five years, currently teaching at the University of Melbourne’s Early Learning Centre. She graduated in Early Childhood and completed her Master of Education by research on ‘Poetical Understanding of Children’s Imagery of Nature.’ Her passion for poetry and children’s metaphorical expressions through arts has taken her on many collaborative journeys with artists from fields of literature, film and glass. Suzana has published a number of articles that reflect her interest in the ways in which children’s poetical language ‘sings’ the world. She has presented at numerous conferences, co-produced children’s books, educational resources and films and curated children’s exhibitions in Australia and internationally