Interculturality and Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, Prof. Istvan Kecskes

Date: Friday 18 October

Time: 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Venue: Theatre C, Old Arts, The University of Melbourne (Bldg 149, Map Ref. G14)

The presentation explores the relationship between interculturality and teaching of Chinese as a second language focusing on idiomatic and formulaic language. The socio-cognitive approach defines interculturality as a phenomenon that is not only interactionally and socially constructed in the course of communication but also relies on relatively definable cultural models and norms that represent the speech communities to which the interlocutors belong.  Consequently, interculturality can be considered an interim rule system that has both relatively normative and emergent components.

Istvan Kecskes is Professor of Linguistics and Communication at the State University of New York, Albany, USA. He is President of the American Pragmatics Association (AMPRA) and Chairman of CASLAR (Chinese as a Second Language Research); and is founding editor of the journal Intercultural Pragmatics and of the bilingual (Chinese-English) journal CASLAR. His book Intercultural Pragmatics is currently in press with Oxford University Press.