Mathematics Education Group Seminar Series

The role of classroom characteristics and teachers’ behaviour for female and male students’ mathematics interest at the end of secondary school


Dr Rebecca Lazarides

The Berlin Institute of Technology, Germany

Date: Tuesday 23 July 2013
Time: 9.30-10.30am
Venue: Q.372, Level 3 234 Queensberry Street
RSVP: Not required – all welcome


The presented research examines the relationships among different aspects of classroom management strategies, teachers’ behaviour and secondary school students’ interest in mathematics, considering the role played by gender. Cross-sectional questionnaire data of 425 Year 8 - 10 students were analysed using variable-centred (Structural Equation Modeling) and person-centred (Latent Class Analysis) approaches. Results revealed gender-related learning processes and showed different patterns of students’ perceived instructional quality in mathematics classrooms, which were associated with students’ gender and differed in terms of students’ interest in math class. Implications for educational practice are discussed.

About the presenter:

Dr Rebecca Lazarides (PhD) is an academic research assistant at the Berlin Institute of Technology, Germany (Technische Universitaet Berlin). Her research interests focus on the following areas: Students’ mathematics interest and motivation; Gender-related learning processes in mathematics and science; Parental school-related motivational strategies; and Teaching behaviours in mathematics. She is currently an international scholar working at Monash University (Faculty of Education) at the STEPS study with A/Prof Helen Watt. Her publications are several articles concerning students’ mathematics interest in secondary school and a co-edited book on instructional quality in mathematics classrooms.