Internationalization of the University as a Response to Globalization: An East Asian Perspective

Date: 14 August
Time: 12:30PM- 02:00PM
Venue: Barbara Falk room, CSHE, Lvl 1, 715 Swanston St.
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In the 20th Century, we observed an expansion of higher education systems, first as tools for colonization and then for de-colonization. Global and regional collaboration in higher education has been strongly linked to the emergence of new nation-states, the rapid progress of internationalization, and the emergence of regional dimensions of higher education under globalization since the end of the 20th Century. At the same time, the development of a knowledge economy transformed the nature of higher education into a tradable service as well as a platform for skill formation, which made knowledge workers mobile across borders. In this chapter, the author analyzes the past events, current trends, and future prospects of global and regional collaboration in higher education linked with the emergence of international dimensions.

Presented by Akiyoshi Yonezawa Ph.D., Associate Professor Graduate School of International Development, Nagoya University, Japan Part of the CSHE's Ideas & Issues in Higher Education seminar series.