Global reforms steering education research: What are the implications for education research? How do we build education research capacity for the future?

Date: Friday 30 August
Time: 12:30PM-2:00PM
Venue: Barbara Falk room, CSHE, Lvl 1, 715 Swanston St.
RSVP: Please visit the CSHE website

Presenter: Prof Terri Seddon, Faculty of Education  Monash University

Research assessment is a travelling reform. Technologies like ERA steer national innovation systems and research. So what does ERA mean for Australian education research? Using the concept of an educational research space, I track the trajectory of institutional and discursive change as educational research is disturbed by ERA by reporting on findings from the AARE-ACDE’s project: ‘Strategic Capacity Building for Australian Educational Research’. Using secondary analysis of ERA data and an online survey of academics, I outline historic and emerging features of FoR Education, and how professional and disciplinary boundaries politics may shape educational research into the future. 

This seminar is part of the CSHE seminar series, Ideas and Issues in Higher Education.