Endeavouring to Steer the Circulation of Brains: How Effective are Policy Responses to International Student Emigration?

Date: 5 August 
Time: 12:30PM- 2:00PM
Venue: Barbara Falk room, CSHE, Lvl 1, 715 Swanston St.
RSVP: Please email molly.mckew@unimelb.edu.au

At a recent Boston College symposium to honor his influential career, Philip Altbach told Times Higher Education that the growth of student mobility had fuelled a brain drain in which, “the developing and emerging economies are subsidising the rich countries by educating many through the bachelor’s degree and then losing them”. While many scholars may prefer the notion of ‘brain circulation’, concerns about the outflow of students persist in many countries.

This paper examines the circumstances in which student emigration comes to constitute a policy problem, and considers the effectiveness of a range of measures available to policy makers.

A/Prof Chris Ziguras, Deputy Dean L & T, School of Global, Urban and Social Studies, RMIT This seminar is part of the CSHE's Ideas & Issues in Higher Education series.