Disciplines, skills and the university

Date: Wednesday 24 July 
Time: 12:30pm- 2:00pm
Venue: Barbara Falk room, CSHE, Lvl 1, 175 Swanston St
RSVP: Molly McKew, email: molly.mckew@unimelb.edu.au

Several authors have suggested that the contract between the university and society formulated in the nineteenth century is breaking down, and a new relation between knowledge and society is being installed. This paper investigates what is at stake in this shift by re-visiting the roots of disciplinary knowledge, examining Durkheim's social theory of knowledge to display the evolution of basic and professional disciplines in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Two contemporary challenges to disciplinary knowledge are then examined and evaluated. The paper concludes by speculating as to whether the emerging social pact spells the end of disciplinary knowledge or not. This seminar is part of the CSHE, Ideas and Issues in Higher Education seminar series.