Designing accountability for equity in U. S. postsecondary education

Date: Thursday 18 April
Time: 12:30pm- 2:00pm
Location: Barbara Falk room, CSHE, Lvl 1, 715 Swanston St.
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There are numerous challenges to building equity goals into public accountability policy. This talk describes trends in accountability policy in the United States, describing how different strategies have been utilized and the challenges encountered. To highlight emerging approaches, the speaker draws on her experience designing the Center for Urban Education's Equity Scorecard, an action research and practitioner inquiry process which has been implemented by over eighty U.S. colleges and universities with a focus on equity among racial/ethnic groups in college participation and outcomes. The audience will be invited to introduce comparative cases for discussion from other national and state contexts.

This seminar will be presented by Dr. Alicia C. Dowd, University of Southern California.