Artworks in Residence: Young children’s responses to visual art

Date: Tuesday 14 May 
Time: From: 5:15pm- 6:45pm  
Venue: Frank Tate Room, Level 9, 100 Leicester Street, Carlton
RSVP: 10th May

This study explores how young children make meaning when responding to a range of adult created 2D, 3D and 4D (temporal) artworks as viewed first-hand in the classroom.  The artworks used are sourced from prominent Western Australian artists. Children’s responses to different sets of artworks are observed and documented in a series of five fortnightly episodes across two school terms. Each episode consists of non-structured and semi-structured response activities, including responses through play.  

The significance of this project is that it potentially provides new evidence for the value of first-hand experience in learning, providing detail of the processes by which young children learn about, and from, art. It may provide educators with insights on how to support and shape learning in visual arts, re-emphasising the importance of learning through play, and challenging pedagogical approaches which may be overly formal and restricted.  

Julie Wren currently lectures for  at Edith Cowan University.