Early Childhood Education: Providing a strong start for the youngest Australians

The University of Melbourne's Graduate School of Education would like to invite you to attend a Seminar on Early Childhood Education on Monday 27th of August. Hear from leading experts Associate Professor Tricia Eadie and Dr. Jane Page, on what the evidence shows about providing a strong start for our youngest Australians.

The earliest years of life constitute a period of extraordinary development and growth, providing the foundations for life-long learning, well-being, and health. While there is great variation in the environments in which children live and grow, the interaction between the child’s developing brain and the environment/s in which they learn has significant impact on development. Indeed, it is the bedrock on which future learning is built. Increasingly children’s learning and development is seen to be strongly affected by relatively small shifts in the learning environment. Research demonstrates the significant impact high quality early childhood learning experiences can have on children’s developmental trajectories, particularly in the very early years and especially for vulnerable children.

This lecture will explore the role played by high-quality early childhood education and care interventions, particularly the Abecedarian Approach Australia (3a), in giving our very youngest citizens a ‘strong start in life’.

This event is supported by Catholic Education Western Australia.