Unpacking Education Seminar - Threshold Concepts for Indigenous Studies

What do you need to know to teach Indigenous studies? More importantly, how do we understand progression through socially and emotionally complex material in way that is grounded in more than a reflexive appreciation of positioning? The politics of knowledge production that describe the disciplinary configurations (and acceptances and erasures) of Indigenous perspectives usually limits any robust engagement with colonised knowledges or peoples. Introductory Indigenous studies in education is therefore likely to have a remedial function, in the sense of a curative or corrective purpose to impart basic and accepted scholarly knowledge to beginning teachers who consistently note their ITE and professional learning opportunities are poor in this field. This workshop presented by Dr Nikki Moodie, outlines five threshold concepts for Indigenous studies, which supports a shift from learning about teaching (Indigenous students) to learning about knowledge (producing/authorizing systems) as the primary purpose of Indigenous studies in education.