Teacher evaluation: International landscapes, local strengths and future directions for Australia

Evaluating the performance and impact of teachers is an integral part of ensuring the quality and effectiveness of education systems; nonetheless it is a process fraught with complexity. Any framework or model used to evaluate the qualities of teachers and teaching must prioritise the consequential impact on students - a task that sounds simple in theory but is much more complex and nuanced in its action.

In 2016, the iTEERH was commissioned by the Australian Government to investigate, review and synthesise international teacher evaluation policies and practices to inform the development of a teacher effectiveness framework for Australia. This examination was achieved through a synthesis of controlled research, grey literature and policy, which were summarised in an evaluation crosswalk across several measurement dimensions.

Results indicated that teacher evaluation systems vary from sophisticated national systems to localised, informal approaches. Major features of effective systems include a well-developed evaluation framework, multiple, evidence -based dimensions collected by multiple methods and tools and implemented by well-trained evaluators.

This forum will explore these results and generate debate and discussion. Professor Janet Clinton, iTEERH Director and Georgia Dawson, iTEERH Research Fellow, will present the review results in detail. Further commentary and insight will be provided by Lisa Rodgers, AITSL CEO and Renae Houston, Acting Group Manager, Improving Student Outcomes Group at the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.

This Hub forum is being presented in partnership with the Australian Government Department of Education and Training and AITSL.