Policy and assessment in lower secondary school music education – Don’t do what the English have!

Arts Ed Colloquium Series 2017

This presentation will discuss England’s shifting policy for secondary school music education by exploring the policy background to these changes, viewed through the particular lens of assessment.

England’s system of enacting and policing policy changes has led schools to feel that education policy focus has moved away from attainment, and onto progress. By concentrating on progress England’s Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) are signalling that they are concerned with the speed at which attainment takes place, rather than just noting that it has taken place.

Presenter Professor Martin Fautley will cover the role of policy makers, and discuss where policy-making rests in England, with the legislature, or with Ofsted – the judiciary and police rolled into one.  He will also explain why he recommends that international music education does not follow the lead that England has taken in this regard!