Mapping wellbeing: Expanding our horizons through ‘untranslatable’ words

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Are there positive experiences which can't be expressed in English, but which there are words for in other languages? If so, what is the significance of these so-called untranslatable words? These are the questions that will be explored in this presentation, in which Tim Lomas will share the latest updates on his Positive Cross-Cultural Lexicography project, which aims to explore untranslatable words relating to wellbeing from across the world’s languages.

Dr Tim Lomas, University of East London

Dr Tim Lomas is a lecturer and associate program leader in Positive Psychology at the University of East London. He has published 32 academic papers and six books, and also developed a one-day wellbeing workshop that was subsequently rolled out as a program for all university staff. In a previous life (not too long ago), he was a singer in a ska band, a psychiatric nursing assistant, and an English teacher in China.