Forum: Dangerous Concepts in Education

In this monthly series we offer an opportunity to spend some time with friends and colleagues pondering the different ways in which key educational concepts can be understood, deployed and contested. The aim is not to arrive at a shared meaning but to become more aware of different meanings and inflections of the same concept and how this makes it then, a dangerous concept, to be thoughtfully and carefully contended with, in educational spaces.

The concept we will consider in our November forum is democracy. We invite you to come along with an example of the way in which democracy has been used – your example might be in a research report, a piece of policy, an anecdote, a media release, a newspaper article or some other form. We will use these examples to explore how the idea of democracy can manifest in different ways in educational spaces.

A record of the conversations had each month will be made on this blog:
We welcome your input into the conversation in this space as well.