Gifted knowing and thinking: Research tells us what it looks like

Deans lecture series 2014

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The provision of appropriate educational opportunities for gifted and talented students in Australia has challenged education providers for decades. “Aiming high: a strategy for gifted and talented students and young people 2014 to 2019” was released by DEECD as a pathway to future provision.

Provision, however, will not be effective unless teachers and students understand and recognise how gifted students know, learn and think.  Recent research at the University of Melbourne’s Graduate School of Education has examined the cognitive architecture of gifted learning and thinking. It has identified how these students know, learn and think, both in classroom contexts and beyond.  

This lecture will review the outcomes of this research.  It will examine the unique ways in which these students learn and show how this aligns with recent investigations of brain processing in these students. It will identify implications for effective teaching for gifted and talented learners.  As well, it will make recommendations for policy decision making in terms of provision that allows for their optimal development.

About the speaker

Associate Professor John Munro photo

Associate Professor John Munro

Melbourne Graduate School of Education
University of Melbourne.