Pitfalls and Challenges in Comparative Educational Research

Deans lecture series 2013

About the lecture

In 1900, Michael Sadler claimed that ‘The practical value of studying, in a right spirit and with scholarly accuracy, the working of foreign systems of education is that it will result in our being better fitted to study and to understand our own’. Today, cross-national studies of education systems stem less from curiosity and altruistic interest but rather from political motives and economic competition. During the past years, we have seen a growth both in educational research across countries and continents as well in the cross-national borrowing and transferring of educational policies.This seminar outlines some of the milestones in the development of comparative educational research and attempts to identify pitfalls and challenges that derive from the idea of comparing and contrasting educational systems as well as borrowing educational policies and practices.

About the speaker

Professor Sandra Bohlinger

Dresden University, Germany
VET and Qualifications