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22 Feb 2017

Thinking about the future: Whether, when, why, how, who, what… and so what?

An organised, future-oriented mindset is probably the most effective way to find success in life, but psychology has focused much more on the past than the future. Professor Baumeister will report ideas and findings emerging from his recent research program on thinking about the future. Despite the common assumption that people see the future as bright, laboratory experiments have found that contemplating the future leads to caution and in some cases pessimism. He will also detail revelations from a large data set on people’s thoughts as they go about their daily lives, including what they reveal about why, when, and how people think about the future, as well as what personality types that think about it more, and correlations and consequences.

Professor Baumeister will argue that predicting the future is difficult - but perhaps that is not the main part of people’s thoughts about the future. Instead, he will explore a theory of pragmatic prospection that shifts the emphasis away from “What is going to happen?” to “What do I want to happen?” and “How can I bring that about?”


16 Aug 2016

Mark Wilson

Rejecting normal: Reversing the relationship between large-scale and classroom assessments

Dean's Lecture Series 2016

Presented by Professor Mark Wilson

In his lecture, Professor Wilson will explain the current dominant relationship between classroom assessment and large-scale assessment and its problems. He will explore how an alternative useful relationship can be built up from the classroom level to support large-scale tests. By relating the measurement concept of a construct map, to the curriculum idea of a learning progression, construct maps effectively map progression in the classroom and allow key concepts to be selected for large-scale assessment.

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30 Aug 2016

Linda Tuhiwai Smith

There is no one way for Indigenous education: Reflections on the Māori experience

Dean's Lecture Series 2016

Presented by Professor Linda Tuhiwai Smith CNZOM

There is no one way for Indigenous education. Rather, there are multiple approaches occurring simultaneously across every context and every level, and these must occur while sustaining momentum, investing quality resources, building future capacity, learning from mistakes and sticking to a 24/7 hard slog commitment.

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29 Nov 2016
6 - 7pm

Bernadette McSherry Photo

Breaking bad: Regulating the responses of teachers to students' "behaviours of concern"

Dean's Lecture Series 2016

Presented by Professor Bernadette McSherry

The term ‘breaking bad,’ which originated in the American Southwest, refers to someone who defies authority or challenges convention. Many teachers have experienced challenging student behaviour, but what if that behaviour is so extreme that it puts the student or others at risk of serious harm? This presentation will outline relevant Australian laws and policy guidelines that regulate the use of ‘restrictive interventions’ in educational settings. These interventions restrict a student’s freedom of movement and can range from confinement in a room, to the use of physical force or devices.

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21 June 2016

John Hattie

Shifting away from distractions to improve Australia's schools

Dean's Lecture Series 2016

Jack Keating Memorial Lecture
Presented by Laureate Professor John Hattie

The too long school reforms have been focused on structural solutions such as curricula, assessment, class size, autonomy and parental choice. However, after decades of investing in these popular policy fixes the best that can be said for Australia is that the achievement and engagement of our students is declining. This lecture argues for the need to invest in teacher education, and the expertise of teachers and school leaders.

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31 May 2016

Lesley Farrell

Workforce literacy and factories of the future

Dean's Lecture Series 2016

Presented by Professor Lesley Farrell

The rise of robotics in manufacturing requires workers to have sophisticated literacy skills so they can direct machines and join up innovation and production networks. With machines doing the work that people used to do, the way products are imagined, developed, produced and distributed is being transformed, creating new work for people.

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11 Apr 2016

Peter Blatchford

Maximising the impact of teaching assistants: Lessons from the UK

Dean's Lecture Series 2016

Presented by Professor Peter Blatchford

Over the last 15 years, teaching assistants/aides have become a central part of United Kingdom schools, and now comprise a quarter of the schooling workforce. Assistants often provide one-on-one and small group support for low attaining pupils and those with special educational needs. However, results from the large-scale five-year Deployment and Impact of Support Staff large scale project directed by Professor Blatchford, showed that pupils who received the most teaching assistant support consistently made less progress than similar pupils who received less support.

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2 Nov 15

Professor Tony Bryk

Learning to improve

Presented by Professor Anthony Bryk

Professor Bryk's lecture offers a new paradigm for research and development in education that promises to be a powerful driver of improvement for the nation's schools and colleges.

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25 Nov 2015

Mary O'Sullivan

A crisis of confidence and leadership: Key challenges for Physical Education Teacher Education

4th biennial Fritz Duras Lecture

Presented by Professor Mary O'Sullivan

There is a widely shared view globally that we need to improve teacher education to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

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11 Aug 2015

Professor Emeritus David C. Berliner

Teacher evaluation and standardised tests: A policy fiasco

Dean's Lecture Series 2015

Presented by Professor David C. Berliner

In the United States almost all recent designs of teacher evaluation systems rely on standardised tests of student achievement as a substantial part of, or all of the teacher evaluation process. These tests have one characteristic that makes them completely inappropriate for this purpose; namely, they are remarkably insensitive to teacher behaviour.

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28 Apr 2015

Professor Julie McLeod

Progressive education in Australia and why the history of education still matters

Presented by Professor Julie McLeod

Across the twentieth century, progressive education in Australia promised wide-ranging reform of the organisation and aims of schooling and brought the social purposes of public education into sharp relief. It re-imagined the role of schooling in relation to community, citizenship, identity and the challenges of modernity, and it connected Australian educators to international ideas and debates.

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17 Nov 2015

Professor Jenny Gore

Improving teaching: Professional development with impact on quality

Presented by Professor Jennifer Gore

Improving the quality of school teaching through the professional development of teachers is a global concern echoed with growing urgency in a vast array of political and educational circles.

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27 Oct 2015

Professor Hamish Coates

Transforming transparency: Clarifying higher education for all

Presented by Professor Hamish Coates

Universities have assumed a greater role than ever before in public life, leading to fresh and growing interest in understanding what they do and deliver.

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6 Oct 2015

Professor Lea Waters

Positive education: Trends, evidence and advancement

Presented by Professor Lea Waters

It is critical for schools to be 'positive institutions' that foster academic growth together with citizenship, virtue and wellbeing in students. It's also vital to understand the elements within the broader education system that foster performance and wellbeing for all stakeholders.

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26 May 2015

Professor Gregor Kennedy

Following footprints: Analysing students' digital interactions

Presented by Professor Gregor Kennedy

Students' digital interactions – their clicks, the sequence of their actions and the time spent on tasks – are helping researchers understand student learning. When students interact with digital learning environments they leave digital footprints that can be logged, stored and analysed.

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12 May 2015

Professor Patrick Griffin

On the Shoulders of Giants: Shifting sands in the field of assessment

Presented by Professor Patrick Griffin

After a career spanning more than 40 years in the field of educational assessment, Professor Griffin will reflect on assessment changes over this time, how this is linked to teaching and how it is changing teaching practices. He will also predict assessment changes well into the 21st-century.

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9 September 2014

George Sugai photo

Improving the Impact of Evidence-based Practices: Tiered systems of support

Dr George Sugai

University of Connecticut

Tuesday 09 September 2014, 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Theatre Q230 Level 2, 234 Queensberry St

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24 Jun 2014

Professor John Polesel photo

Separating the Sheep and the Goats – Vocational Programs in Victoria Schools

Professor John Polesel (Jack Keating Memorial Lecture)

The University of Melbourne

Tuesday 24 June 2014, 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Theatre Q230 Level 2, 234 Queensberry St
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30 Apr 2014

Susan Ley MP photo

Childcare and Workforce Participation

The Honourable Sussan Ley MP

Assistant Minister for Education

Wednesday 30 April, 2014, 6pm-7pm

Elisabeth Murdoch – Theatre A, Spencer Road, Parkville Campus

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30 Jan 2014

Teacher Evaluation: What Really Matters for Effectiveness and Improvement

Professor Linda Darling-Hammond

Stanford University

The University of Melbourne
Thursday 30 January, 6:00pm-7:00pm
Theatre Q230 Level 2, 234 Queensberry St

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16 Oct 2014

Kid's First: Five Big Ideas for Transforming Children's Lives

Presented by David L. Kirp

James D. Marver Professor of Public Policy
Goldman School of Public Policy, University of California, Berkley

Thursday 16 October, 6-7pm
Theatre 1, 207 Bouverie Street, (also known as Theatre 1, 221 Bouverie Street)

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11 Nov 2014

Associate Professor John Munro photo

Gifted knowing and thinking: Research tells us what it looks like

Presented by Associate Professor John Munro

Melbourne Graduate School of Education
University of Melbourne

Tuesday, 11 November , 6–7pm

Theatre Q230, Level 2, 234 Queensberry Street, view map

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12 Aug 2014

Ian Anderson photo

Indigenous Australians and universities: Navigating reform in a changing landscape

Professor Ian Anderson

The University of Melbourne

Tuesday 12 August 2014, 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Theatre Q230 Level 2, 234 Queensberry St

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21 May 2014

Inaugural Jean Blackburn Oration

Mr David Gonski

Australian College of Educators

The University of Melbourne
Wednesday 21 May 2014, 6:00pm-7:00pm
Theatre Q230 Level 2, 234 Queensberry St


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Cross-National Reviews of Career Guidance Systems: Overview and Reflections

Prof Tony Watts

Wednesday 4 December, 6:00pm-7:00pm
Theatre Q230, Level 2, 234 Queensberry St

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Self Transforming School book cover

The Self transforming School

Professor Brian Caldwell and Jim Spinks

Monday, 19 August | 6:00pm
Theatre Q230, Level 2, 234 Queensberry St
Download the The Self Transforming School presentation (5mb)

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Professor Rogers Hall and Associate Professor Kevin Leander photos

Perceiving and conceiving new relations between bodies, space, learning and teaching

Presented by Professor Rogers Hall and Associate Professor Kevin Leander

Space, Learning and Mobility (SLaM) Group
Peabody College of Vanderbilt University, USA
Wednesday 17, July 2013
Time: From: 06 : 00 PM To 07 : 00 PM
Venue: Theatre Q230, Level 2, 234 Queensberry St

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Robert Lingard photo

'In-school' and 'contextual' factors in systemic school performance: 'Complexifying' education policy for achieving social justice

Professor Robert Lingard

The University of Queensland
Thursday 31 October, 6:00-7:00pm
Theatre Q230
Level 2, 234 Queensberry St

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Improving impacts of classrooms: Professional development and observation of teacher-student interactions

Professor Robert Pianta

Dean, Curry School of Education, University of Virginia
Wednesday 24 July, 6:00-700pm
Theatre Q230 Level 2, 234 Queensberry St

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Susan Wright photo

Meaning, Mediation, Metaphor: Embodied Learning through the Arts

Professor Susan Wright

The University of Melbourne
Tuesday 12 November, 6:00pm-7:00pm
Theatre Q230
Level 2, 234 Queensberry St

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The Past, Present and Future of Evaluation

Professor Michael Scriven

Claremont Graduate University
Preceding this lecture Professor Michael Scriven will be awarded a Doctor of Education honoris causa
Monday 9 September, 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Q230 Lecture Theatre, 234 Queensberry St

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David Kirk photo

The Fritz Duras Memorial Lecture

Professor David Kirk

Wednesday 27 November, 6:00pm-7:00pm
Theatre Q230
Level 2, 234 Queensberry St

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The Theodore Fink Memorial Seminar in Australian Education

Professor Raewyn Connell

Faculty of Education and Social Work, The University of Sydney
Thursday 11 July, 6:00pm- 7:00pm
Theatre Q230 Level 2, 234 Queensberry St

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