Drawing, Painting and Sensory Knowing: An Exhibition of Student Drawings.


Online Exhibition

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Neryl Jeanneret


Join us for an online exhibition curated by Emma Rickards and Robert Brown of the Melbourne Graduate School of Education.

In the level 1 University of Melbourne Breadth subject Drawing, Painting & Sensory Knowing (DPSK), students investigate a range of drawing and painting methods, materials and techniques. These experiences are analysed through written reflections and linked to learning theories, including artistic inquiry and children’s early visual symbolism.

Throughout the twelve-week course students, who mostly come with limited prior art practice experience, are encouraged to explore and interpret forms in personal and expressive ways. Through a combination of direct and remote learning students engage in experiences that develop perceptive awareness, visual analysis and ‘sensory knowing’.

This exhibition showcases a selection of student works and demonstrates how drawing can be an enriching personal experience during a period of social isolation.

Collection #1 In the morning https://padlet.com/hello127/6zec3370sr5th7t5

Collection #2 In the afternoon https://padlet.com/hello127/g5egkrfwryfk7im1