Master of Applied Positive Psychology – Study in 2021 Q&A

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Gain a scientific understanding of how humans flourish and apply positive psychology principles in your professional and personal life with our globally renowned Master of Applied Positive Psychology.

In 2021, along with our face-to-face course, we will also offer an online version of the Master of Applied Positive Psychology – with the same structure and outcomes as the face-to-face course. Our face-to-face course is also scheduled for online delivery in Semester 1, 2021.

Whether you are considering studying online or face-to-face in 2021, this webinar has been designed to answer all your questions.

Join us online to meet Master of Applied Positive Psychology course coordinator, Associate Professor Aaron Jarden and a panel of current students. Find out more about the 2020 online learning experience, the course structure and subjects, study time commitments and what to expect in 2021.

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