University of Melbourne Network of Schools community event with James Nottingham

The University of Melbourne Network of Schools (UMNOS) is a partnership designed to bring together schools who work to collectively impact on improving learning outcomes and experiences of students, through a structured program that focuses on teaching and learning and to inform, build and use the evidence base of the University. The UMNOS enables schools to achieve things together that they may not be able to achieve on their own.

The UMNOS Community provides opportunities for continued professional learning and engagement for those who have finished their three-year UMNOS journey.

On behalf of the UMNOS Community we will be holding an evening with James Nottingham, a renowned keynote speaker and author. Formerly a teacher and leader, he now challenges, engages and inspires education audiences across the world. As co-founder and director of Challenging Learning, he also leads a team of 30 supporting long-term development work proven again and again to strengthen student learning. As part of his presentation, James will explore how best to use Philosophy for Children (P4C) to help students become more thoughtful, caring, collaborative and creative. He will also explore thinking habits and the theory and strategies behind the world-renowned Learning Challenge (also known as The Pit).

At this event we will be officially welcoming UMNOS ’15 to the UMNOS Community having completed their three-year journey with us last year.

UMNOS warmly extend an invitation to the broader MGSE community. A cost applies of $50.00 per person (for non-UMNOS Community members).