Let the work speak first!

Arts Education Colloquium Series presented by Tiffaney Bishop.

Young artists are generally viewed through the lenses of limited experience and expertise, positioning their work as emergent, intermediate, subordinate. Join artist and researcher Tiffaney Bishop in conversation around how the contemporary art collective she cofounded is delivering young artists unusual agency, power and status. Tiffaney will introduce you to her collaborative work with young people and how this contemporary group practice is liberating young artists from the constraints of their biographies, encouraging us to look at the work they make through an aesthetic lens rather than a biographical one.

Tiffaney Bishop is a Melbourne based collaborative artist and researcher. She studied communications, media arts and photography and has an earlier background in marketing and community art. Tiffaney is a PhD candidate at the Victorian College of the Arts. About a decade ago, Tiffaney started working full time with young artists. She co-founded tbC, a youth driven/adult mentored art collective that promotes a new status for young artists. At tbC young artists claim professional recognition via highly visible contemporary arts activity and the collaborative model attracts a broad and sustained youth membership and mentor engagement.