International Arts Education Week

The Graduate School's UNESCO Observatory of Arts Education will host a number of events during International Arts Education Week including:

Monday 14 - 25 May, Drawing, Painting and Sensory Knowing Exhibition

Monday 21 May, Book Launch: Dance-Play and Drawing-Telling as Semiotic Tools for Young Children’s learning

Tuesday 22 May, Embracing Shakespeare: Embodied, collaborative and artistic learning experiences 

Tuesday 22 May, Social Interventions: Intergenerational Art maker space

Wednesday 23 May, ste(a)m inquiries using design thinking for secondary educators (fully booked)

Wednesday 23 May, Moving On – the Music of Brian Brown presented by Ros McMillan and Lorraine Milne 

Thursday 24 May, Museum/Gallery Contexts and the Education that Occurs Within Them

Friday 25 May, UNESCO International Arts Week Networking Event