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Oliver Taylor, a current Internship student with a background in environmental science, believes that internships are a “good pathway into the teaching profession, and a great opportunity to earn an income while making a change in your career.” A different way to study teaching at the University of Melbourne, the Master of Teaching (Secondary) Internship allows teacher candidates to earn a world class teaching qualification while being paid to teach in a Victorian secondary school.

For Oli, there was a real sense of achievement gained from watching students succeed as they progressed through the school year. Building relationships and watching educational development on a longer-term basis were two of the key highlights from his involvement in the Internship program.

Many of our interns choose to pursue a career in teaching after initially working in a different area. Oli, a former environmental consultant, went into the field wanting to make a difference for the environment, but found that when he was working as a consultant he didn’t feel as though he was achieving that. Oli discovered that one of the most effective ways he could make a real impact, was through a career in teaching. He now teaches environmental science to year 11 and 12 students, and feels as though he is combining his two passions by “making a difference for young people and the environment.”

During their Internship, interns become highly involved in both the teaching and study elements of the program. Extensive support is available to those who may feel overwhelmed or challenged by the intensive program, including face to face and online coaching. Our support framework includes advice and mentoring from members of the University and from the schools where interns teach.

The Principals of our Internship partner schools often find our teacher candidates to be exceptionally hard working and highly capable of transitioning well into the classroom environment. Pitsa Binnion, Principal of McKinnon Secondary College, found the quality of the teacher candidates, and their commitment to building their career as educators, to be of an incredibly high standard. She could see “that the candidates who have worked in my school have carefully thought about their career in teaching. Their dedication and enthusiasm is impressive.” She finds that the best aspect of having interns working in her school is how driven they are, due to the way the program is structured, which allows them time to develop their skills in the classroom.

“Interns have a positive influence on the people around them, including the teachers in their subject team, and their coaches and mentors,” she says.

“They demonstrate excellent collegiality and a great capacity to learn to become high quality teachers. The program’s support network, including access to one-on-one coaching, encourages continuous improvement. Interns are consistently engaging in research and refining important communication and self-reflection skills, which helps them to develop into successful practitioners.”

She believes other principals should consider becoming part of the Internship program. “The Melbourne Graduate School of Education has chosen high quality individuals who are well-suited to the teaching environment. The interns strive for excellence and they will make a significant contribution to the education system into the future”.

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