New Staff

Edmond Washington joins MGSE as a Learning Designer. Previously he worked with Swinburne University where he provided teaching and learning support on the design and development of high quality, innovative, technology – enabled programs and delivered Professional Development workshops to staff. Edmond completed his Master of Teaching (Secondary) in 2010 and has experience teaching both at secondary and tertiary levels.

Academic Services

Academic Services has recently experienced an increase in recruitment activity as a result of the Professional Services Redesign (PSR) and staff members transitioning to new roles in the University. Upcoming commencements in Academic Services:

Staff memberPositionCommencing
Helen Steer Manager, Professional Experience 6 September 2021
Annie Rapoport Senior Manager, Academic Services 13 September 2021

PSR Phase 2 Update

On Monday 30 August, Phase 2 of the Professional Service Redesign was concluded with the launch of the new University Communications and Marketing (UC&M) and Student Recruitment and Admissions (SR&A) operating models. We'd like to thank our colleagues in MGSE Strategic Communications, Marketing and Recruitment, and Admissions and Student Experience for their dedication and hard work as they dealt with a considerable degree of change and work pressure as a result of the Phase 2 changes. We wish them the best of luck as they move into new positions and structures within the University.

University Communications and Marketing (UC&M)
The UC&M function is now accountable for all communications and marketing activity on behalf of Chancellery and the Faculties. MGSE communications and marketing is now supported by colleagues in the Dedicated Divisional Support Cluster (FBE/MLS/MGSE):

Staff member Previous positionStatus New Contact
Genevieve Costigan Manager, Strategic Communications Transferred to Communications Lead (FBE/MLS/MGSE) No Change
Karl Smith Content and Communications Specialist Transferred to Digital Product Manager (Arts/FFAS) Shaun Prinsloo
Digital Product Manager (MGSE, MLS, FBE)
Zane Kingi Communication Officer Transferred to Communication Coordinator (FBE/MLS/MGSE) No Change
Liz Carter Events Officer Transferred to Event Coordinator (FBE/MLS/MGSE) No Change
Kimberley Nance Manager, Marketing and Recruitment Divisional Group Manager (FBE, MGSE, MLS) No Change
Chantelle Shaw Student Recruitment Coordinator (Domestic) Transferred to Student Recruitment Coorindator - International Onshore (Future Students Central Hub) No Change
Patrick Soo Student Recruitment Officer (International) Transferred to Student Recruitment Officer (FBE/MGSE/MLS) No Change
Emily Silvester Marketing Officer Maternity Leave Kimberly Nance
Saxon Taylor-Le Page Future Student Enquiries Officer Contract concluding end of September 2021 Patrick Soo

Student Recruitment and Admissions (SR&A)
As a result of the SR&A changes, a new Future Students function has been introduced as part of the Student and Scholarly Services (SASS) portfolio. This provides a dedicated focus for future student management, bringing together teams focused on student recruitment, conversion, admissions, scholarships and student accommodation, as well as bringing student recruitment and admissions activities in all academic divisions into an extended shared service model. MGSE student recruitment and admissions is now supported by colleagues in the Dedicated Divisional Support Cluster (FBE/MLS/MGSE):

Staff Member Previous positionStatus New contact
Gavin Godlieb Manager, Admissions and Student Experience Transferred to Admissions and Selection Manager (FBE, MGSE, MLS) No Change
Andrea Lou Graduate Admissions Officer Transferred to Senior Admissions and Selection Officer (FBE, MGSE, MLS) No Change (contact for MTeach courses)
Chau Ly Graduate Admissions Officer Transferred to Admissions and Selection Officer (FBE, MGSE, MLS) No Change