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Have you been in the media recently? We conduct regular media monitoring, however, not all news items show up in our reports. If you've been in the media, and we haven't included it in this report, please submit your story via the MGSE News form.

19 August 2021Dr Melitta HogarthMentionEnglish should be removed from terms like the English language3AW
19 August 2021Dr Melitta HogarthMentionEnglish language sparks racial debateSky News
24 August 2021Associate Professor Peggy KernInterviewSocial media addictionABC Radio
26 August 2021Dr Melitta HogarthMentionEducating MelittaSpectator Australia
1 September 2021Dr Natasha ZiebellInterviewHow to tell if lockdowns are affecting your children and what you can do about itABC News