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Business Services Changes

MGSE has worked closely with Business Services to ensure facility support continues while we transition to new working practices established by the Pandemic Reset Program.

Whereas previously, staff would have approached Pina or Olivia with facility questions, they should now seek facility and technology assistance through the Business Services support channels:

Service Centre
Staff may contact the Service Centre directly by online chat or by calling +61 3 834 40888. The Service Centre is open from 7.30am to 7.30pm on weekdays and from 9.00am to 5.00 pm on weekends. On-site assistance can be requested via any of the support channels listed above or by visiting the Business Services front desk at 11 Barry Street, Carlton.

Snap Send Solve
Staff and students can also use the Snap Send Solve app to report any facility or technology issues they encounter in any University building. Snap Send Solve reports are sent to the appropriate members of the Business Services team for prompt resolution.

Staff Hub
The University Staff Hub contains a wealth of information including how-to articles, links, and contact information to assist you with all facility and information technology inquiries.

Student Learning Survey

This month the Student Learning Survey (SLS) has been introduced to collect feedback on students' subject experience. The SLS comprises two parts:

  1. An optional Mid Subject Survey (MSS) administered via the LMS by the subject coordinator
  2. The End of Subject Survey (ESS), replacing the previous Subject Experience Survey (SES).

More information:

MGSE SLS Representation will now sit with Kirsty Waring of Academic Programs. Please direct any SES/SLS queries to her at:

National Safe Work Month

During October, in line with National Safe Work Month, the Health and Safety Services team is hosting a range of online presentations, activities and events. The theme for this year is: think safe, work safe, be safe reminding us that everyone has responsibility for health and safety in the workplace.


More information:

Narrm Oration 2021

The annual Narrm Oration will premiere online (YouTube) from 5pm on Thursday 18 November 2021. This is a great opportunity to hear renowned New Zealand scholar Professor Papaarangi Reid speak to the theme of 'Navigating Indigenous Futures'. The Narrm Oration enriches our ideas about possible futures for Indigenous peoples. This year's oration is not to be missed!


Indigenous Higher Education Conference

Register to attend the Indigenous Higher Education Conference (IHEC) 2021, scheduled for 17-18 November. Presented by Trinity College, this year's conference will explore how the COVID-19 pandemic has and will continue to change the higher education environment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.


Vice-Chancellor's Roadshow

All staff are invited to the Vice-Chancellor's visit to the MGSE on Wednesday 20 October from 12.30-1.30pm. The Vice-Chancellor's Roadshows provide an annual platform for the University community to discuss the institution's future. Registration is required for this event.


Master of Teaching Professional Learning Capstone Conference

On September 16 and 17 the Master of Teaching Professional Learning Capstone Conference online conference was held. It was a celebration of the self study inquiries that all MTeach students are engaging in across this second year of their course. There were approximately 500 students involved across the five MTeach programs: Early Childhood, Early Childhood/Primary, Primary, Secondary and the Internship.

The Capstone research inquiries that the students engage in involve exploration of an aspect of education that concerns their teaching or an issue in education that impacts them as teachers. These are personal and diverse, as can be seen in the titles of the presentations.

There were 46 different streams in the conference, with each student allocated a thread within a stream according to their Abstract and key words. This is where they uploaded their 20-minute pre-recorded presentations and were given feedback from their ‘critical friends’. This was also a platform for any viewers to leave comments. Live chats were engaged in and ‘watch parties’ where students all watched the same presentation together.

The interactive nature of the Conference was highly successful and showed the power and fluidity of the online conference space.

I would like to thank the students for their great work, the staff for their ongoing support of our students and Ana Ward-Davies who constructed and populated the Teams site – a huge job!

A visit to the site is inspiring for all of us who work in initial teacher education, as it reflects the levels of thinking and critical analysis that are so essential in the development of the next generations of teachers. If you wish to visit the Teams site will remain open for the coming few months.

Here is the link for anyone interesting in browsing:

Pip Robinson
Professional Learning Capstone Co-ordinator