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Have you been in the media recently? We conduct regular media monitoring, however, not all news items show up in our reports. If you've been in the media, and we haven't included it in this report, please submit your story via the MGSE News form.

Dr Marian Mahat in 'Dr Marian Mahat, editor of Women Thriving in Academia', The Pulse 94.7 FM, 11 March 2021.

Associate Professor Larissa McLean Davies on 'Canning Dr Seuss: Sensible decision or cancel culture?', Education Review, 18 March 2021.

Professor Leo Goedegebuure in 'COVID-19 Changes at the Top in Australia', Inside Higher Ed, 19 March 2021.

Dr Gwilym Croucher on 'Australian universities may be at a turning point in the rankings chase. So what next?',, 19 March 2021.

Honorary Professor Lea Waters in 'Return to happiness in Fiji',, 20 March 2021.

Honorary Fellow Ms Liz BarĂ© on 'The mass redundancy of Australia’s university workforce', 2ser 107.3 FM, 23 March 2021.

Melbourne Graduate School of Education mentioned in 'Andrew Bolt: Now is not a good time to be a white male in Australia', Herald Sun, 28 March 2021.