Research Events

Research translation and impact case studies in HASS and public health

Date: Thursday 1 April
Time: 12pm - 1pm


Professor Robyn Sloggett, Penny Tripp, and Dr. Anita D’Aprano will provide insights into their research and demonstrate what is both required and possible when it comes to research translation and impact.

The session is specifically for researchers in HASS (which includes education, policy, arts, FBE), Architecture Building and Planning and some health sectors. It will also cover the role IP plays in research translation, how you can maximise the broader social and economic success of your research, and tips and guidelines on how to safeguard your intellectual property.

  • What research translation & impact means specifically for HASS
  • Case study interviews of successful research translation & impact stories
  • Important specific IP principles to be aware of
  • How to engage with UoM’s business development and innovation team to help you

The webinar will be hosted by Shereen Tan. Shereen holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering and was previously a Research Fellow focusing on translational research.

Introduction to R and Reproducible Research

Date: Thursday 8 - Tuesday 13 April (mornings over four days)

Are you a researcher wanting efficient and effective strategies for working with quantitative data in a reproducible manner? This course focuses on what happens before and after traditional statistical analysis: getting your data in a form ready for analysis and presenting the results using the powerful and open-source statistical package R.

Contact Deborah Maillardet for any queries.

More information can be found on the Statistical Consulting Centre webpage.

MGSE Research Forums 2021

Reimagining Research Futures @ MGSE

Date: Thursday 22 April
Time: 11am – 12.30pm


In 2021, we are planning to conduct a series of four research forums that bring together MGSE academics to consider new and emerging research agendas that address the pressing issues for education.  There is currently a breadth of research activity at MGSE that is high quality, innovative and translational. The forum discussions are not designed to replace current research or identify priority areas for research, but rather to discuss new possibilities in reimagining research futures at MGSE.

The question to be discussed at the first forum is:

What are the new emerging research agendas that MGSE needs to be responding to?

There are many different answers to this question. To prompt discussions the format of the first forum will be as follows:

  • A panel of four academics will present a five-minute provocation around new emerging research agendas.
  • Julie McLeod will provide a ten-minute response
  • Breakout groups to discuss emerging research agendas (30 minutes)
  • Bring everyone together and discuss (30 minutes).

Researcher Connect Online Showcase

Date: Friday 23 April
Time: 10am - 4pm

Looking for research-related resources and expertise around the University?

Researcher Connect will run a one-day online event on Friday 23 April. Four panels will showcase key research themes focused on  strategic portfolios of Research Capability, Research Impact & Engagement, Research Collaboration and Research Infrastructure.

Contact Researcher Connect for any queries.

More information and registration can be found on the Researcher Connect webpage.

Purposeful Engagement Workshops

This series aims to:

  • strengthen your confidence in enacting meaningful and ethical engagement practice;
  • deepen your understanding of different engagement contexts, roles, approaches and frameworks;
  • develop fundamental and purposeful engagement skills and capabilities; and
  • create a shared space for mutual learning from peers and experienced practitioners to discuss current trends, challenges and opportunities.

For more information and Program schedule see the  Purposeful Engagement Workshops webpage.

Introduction to NVivo workshop series

This series of four free online workshops for researchers will introduce you to the qualitative data analysis tool NVivo. NVivo helps you discover more from your qualitative and mixed methods data. These facilitated workshops will help you work more efficiently, conduct deeper analysis from more sources, and defend your findings with one tool.

Contact Researcher Connect for any queries.

More information and registration can be found on the Digital Skills Training webpage.

Producing quality graphs

Date: 13 and 14 May
Time: 10am -11.30am each day

Free seminar for UoM staff and Graduate Researchers.

If you are frustrated about the quality of the graphs you are currently creating and how much time it is taking, this seminar is for you! Explore principles of producing graphs to enhance the quality of your thesis and research presentations. Covers a software package freely available to UoM graduate research students and staff.

Contact Deborah Maillardet for any queries.

More information and registration on the Event webpage.