Research Events

Writing Masterclass:  Publishing Papers that Scientists Want to Read

Date: Friday 19 March 
Time: 9:30am - 11am (AEDT)


This Writing Masterclass is presented by Professor Branch Moody. Professor Moody consistently publishes in high impact journals and has a long term interest in supporting ECR development. This masterclass will be interactive and tailored for an audience of final year PhD-students and postdoctoral researchers and is free for individuals in FMDHS.


Research translation and impact case studies in HASS and public health

Date: Thursday 1 April
Time: 12pm-1pm


Professor Robyn Sloggett, Penny Tripp, and Dr. Anita D’Aprano will provide insights into their research and demonstrate what is both required and possible when it comes to research translation and impact.

The session is specifically for researchers in HASS (which includes education, policy, arts, FBE), Architecture Building and Planning and some health sectors. It will also cover the role IP plays in research translation, how you can maximise the broader social and economic success of your research, and tips and guidelines on how to safeguard your intellectual property.

  • What research translation & impact means specifically for HASS
  • Case study interviews of successful research translation & impact stories
  • Important specific IP principles to be aware of
  • How to engage with UoM’s business development and innovation team to help you

The webinar will be hosted by Shereen Tan. Shereen holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering and was previously a Research Fellow focusing on translational research.

Purposeful Engagement Workshops

This series aims to:

  • strengthen your confidence in enacting meaningful and ethical engagement practice;
  • deepen your understanding of different engagement contexts, roles, approaches and frameworks;
  • develop fundamental and purposeful engagement skills and capabilities; and
  • create a shared space for mutual learning from peers and experienced practitioners to discuss current trends, challenges and opportunities.

For more information and Program schedule see the  Purposeful Engagement Workshops webpage.

Applications for TRAMx Now Open

TRAMx assists researchers from across the University as well as the Melbourne Biomedical Precinct to maximise the impact potential of their research. They provide a range of programs tailored to teach, support and guide researchers along this process, including problem validation and market engagement through to funding strategy and business case generation.

The program is currently recruiting participants for the first digital TRAMx Bootcamps for the year coming up on, March 4, March 18 and March 30.  There is no cost to the individual or faculty for attendance. TRAMx is keen to have the biggest impact possible by empowering as many researchers across all faculties at the University and Biomedical Precinct as possible.

Researchers will:

  • Learn entrepreneurial methodology to think about research differently
  • Connect with supporters/mentors
  • Apply the frameworks to real projects
  • Network with fellow go getter researchers
  • Understand the potential pathways and support networks available to them
  • Walk away with new skills to take back to their research groups

Register your interest or to find out more, head to the TRAMx website or contact Andrew Rowse, Program Manager via email: