Senior Academic Enhanced Retirement Scheme

The Australian Taxation Office has now published an addendum to its Class Ruling on our Senior Academic Enhanced Retirement Scheme after we brought to its attention an oversight which would have disadvantaged staff.

The Class Ruling now specifies that the lump sum payment includes three months' salary in lieu of notice, in addition to other payments the University will make, which are capped at 74 weeks. We have extended the time the scheme is open for applications until COB Friday 5 February. For academics who have already submitted an application, there is no requirement to re-submit.

Pandemic Reset Program

Position descriptions associated with the roles impacted in Phase One changes are now available to the wider University. These can be accessed on the same SharePoint site as the change proposals and organisation charts - a link to this SharePoint is available from the Phase 1 consultation page on the Pandemic Reset Program website.

Academic Promotions to Level E

Congratulations to the following staff who have been promoted to the position of Professor effective as of 1 January:

Name Academic Group
Associate Professor Tricia Eadie Early Childhood Education
Associate Professor David Gurr Educational Leadership
Associate Professor Wee Tiong Seah Mathematics, Science & Technology Education (MSTEG)

Academic Promotions briefings

Presented by Professor Janet Hergt, President of the Academic Board and member of the University Appointments and Promotions Committee, the Academic Promotions briefings provide an overview of the University promotion process and speak particularly to the development of an argued case for promotion in the context of the University's Academic Performance Framework.

There will be additional Academic Promotion Briefing Sessions specifically for female academics interested in applying for promotion. Complementing the general sessions, Professor Hergt and Professor Marilys Guillemin will present on the promotion process, specifically with a focus on women applicants.

Prospective female promotion applicants are encouraged to attend one of the women's Academic Promotion briefing sessions as well as the general University Promotion briefing session commensurate to their academic level. All briefing sessions will be held virtually and all academics considering applying for promotion in 2021 are strongly encouraged to attend. The briefings will be recorded and uploaded to the Academic Careers @ Melbourne webpage after the briefing session. For times and registration click on 'Promotion'.

Future students enquiries

Paul Vassiliadis, MGSE's Future Student Enquiries Officer, has finished up with MGSE after two years with the Marketing & Recruitment team. Currently Stephen Everett is backfilling the Student Enquiries Officer with the support of the marketing and recruitment team.

Staff Development 2021

Please note there is no cost for the following courses, all courses are offered virtually, please enrol via TrainME:

Training for managers

  • Me, My Team and Change (2 x90 min) 17, 19 February
    Understand the psychology of change and transition and gain practical strategies to support individuals and teams.
  • Managing Conflict (2 x90 min) 15 February and 4 March
    Understand the causes and effects, and how to resolve workplace conflict to build strong teams.
  • Managing with Emotional Intelligence (2 x 90 min) 11 March
    Use emotional intelligence to positively impact teams and help maintain morale and wellbeing.

Training for all staff

    • Working with Emotional Intelligence (2 x 90 min) 22 February and 16 March
      Use emotional intelligence as a tool to increase your impact and wellbeing in the workplace.
    • Navigating Change (2 x 90min) 15, 16 March
      Develop practical strategies and understanding of the emotional and psychological transition needed to manage self through change.
    • Managing My Work (Foundation) (3 x 75mins and 2 x 1hr) 16, 23 February and 2 March
    • Equips staff with tools for managing work effectively through prioritisation and time management.

    • Responding with Resilience, Hope, Optimism and Efficacy (2 x 1 hr) 1 March
      Builds understanding of psychological capital, providing strategies to build resilience.
    • LGBTI+ Awareness Employee Briefings (2hr) 12 March
      Why LGBTI+ inclusion is important, gain familiarity with terminology and explore challenges often faced by LGBTI+ employees.
    • Pride in Action Ally Training (2hr) 18 March
    • Explores the role allies play and how they can make a difference, how to respond to negative commentary, address questions, concerns and experiences as an ally.

For any enquiries contact: