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Have you been in the media recently? We conduct regular media monitoring, however, not all news items show up in our reports. If you've been in the media, and we haven't included it in this report, please submit your story via the MGSE News form.

Peter Woelert and Gwilym Croucher in 'Many masters, few functionaries as professional ranks transform', (subscription required) Times Higher Education, 25 November 2020.

Gwilym Croucher and James Waghorne in ‘Pursuit of knowledge vies with the pursuit of funding’, The Australian, 4 December 2020.

Dr Julie Choi in  'Experiencing meaningful teaching and learning during COVID lockdown', Refugee Education Newsletter, 10 December 2020.

Geoff Sharrock in ‘Feel free to disagree on campus…by learning to do it well’, The Conversation, 11 December 2020.

Laureate Professor Emeritus John Hattie in ‘The acceleration of hybrid learning for higher-ed students and faculty’, Microsoft education, 15 December 2020.

Associate Professor Peggy Kern in ‘Why do we hate-follow people on social media?’, ABC, 16 December 2020.

Professors Jim Watterston and Yong Zhao quoted in ‘Private Schools’, p.10 of the Australian, 17 December 2020.

Centre for the Study of Higher Education in ‘The pandemic is a chance to rethink education, not settle for online lectures’, The Guardian, 18 December 2020.

The late Professor Emeritus Collette Tayler mentioned in ‘Toddlers need books, and lots of conversation’, The Sector, 21 December 2020.

Troy Potter, lecturer in ‘Teen summer reads: how to escape to another world after a year stuck in this one’, The Conversation, 22 December 2020.

Dr Natasha Ziebell in ‘Part 4: Things we know at the end of 2020’, Pursuit, 1 January 2021.

Dr Melitta Hogarth and Dr Jessica Gannaway in ‘Teen summer reads: 5 books to help young people understand racism’, 4 January 2021.

Vin Massaro, Melbourne Centre for Higher Education in ‘Interstate university students choose NSW over Victoria as pandemic hurts applications’, The Australian, 6 January 2021 (subscription required).

Professor Emeritus Franks Larkins in ‘Coronavirus: Four-year grind for university rebound’, The Australian, 5 January 2021 (subscription required).

Laureate Professor Emeritus John Hattie in ‘Why 2021 will be the year of hybridization’, Forbes, 9 January 2021.

Professor William Locke in ‘The future for universities should be evidence-based’, University World News, 16 January 2021.

Peter Woelert in 'Excessive selection criteria 'bogging down academic recruitment'', (subscription required) Times Higher Education, 22 January 2021.

Dr Daniela Acquaro in ‘How to help kids prepare to return to school after a topsy-turvy year’, The Age, 25 January 2021.

Also published in:

Professor Lea Waters in ‘Positive education can help children navigate pandemics’s challenges’, Arab News, 26 January 2021.

Elizabeth Bare, Janet Beard, Ian Marshman and Teresa Tija in 'Does the COVID-19 emergency create an opportunity to reform the Australian university workforce?', LH Martin Institut, 26 January 2021.

Tracii Ryan, Chi Bak and Wendy Larcombe in 'The help HDR students want', Campus morning mail, 27 January 2021.

Laureate Professor Emeritus John Hattie in 'TCEA 2021: Sessions Highlight Blended Learning and Ed Tech Strategies', EdTech Magazine, 29 January 2021.

Laureate Professor Emeritus John Hattie, Kelly-Ann Allen and Gregory Donoghue in 'Journal papers, grants, rejections pile up, it's not enough to tell academics to 'suck it up', The Conversation, 3 February 2021.