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Have you been in the media recently? We conduct regular media monitoring, however, not all news items show up in our reports. If you've been in the media, and we haven't included it in this report, please submit your story via the MGSE News form.

Melbourne Graduate School of Education mentioned in ‘Why principals are cautiously optimistic about 2021’, The Educator Australia, 3 February 2021.

Julia Morris and Associate Professor Wesley Imms in ‘Group tables, ottomans and gym balls: Kids told us why flexible furniture helps them learn’, Child Mags, 3 February 2021.

Dr Matthew Harris in ‘Playing for participation: eSports’, Child Mags, 3 February 2021.

Laureate Professor Emeritus John Hattie, Kelly-Ann Allen and Gregory Donoghue in ‘Journal papers, grants, jobs…as rejections pile up, it’s not enough to tell academics to ‘suck it up’’, Micky, 3 February 2021.

Professor Lea Waters in ‘Flourishing students young lives: Ridley College’s proactive approach to student well-being’, Niagra This Week, 3 February 2021.

Associate Professor Terry Bowles mentioned in ‘Beware false idols of educational excellence’ – experts’, The Educator, 4 February 2021.

Hugh Gundlach in ‘School Improvement Episode 29: Teacher attrition and retention’, 4 February 2021.

Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education in ‘On-line and off-shore: making it a new market’, Campus Review, 4 February 2021.

Professor William Locke in ‘Australian universities face problems as borders remain closed’, The Boar, 9 February 2021.

Professor Lea Waters in ‘Emptying the dishwasher can enrich kids’ mental health’, New York Times, 11 February 2021.

Professor Emeritus Frank Larkins in ‘Contributions of postgraduate coursework enrolments to Australian university student profiles and management of the COVID-19 recovery’, 11 February 2021.

Dr Christopher McCaw in ‘Would you like ethics with that? The possibilities of (mc) mindfulness in school’, Child Mags, 15 February 2021.

Professor Lea Waters in ‘Inculcate a sense of control and responsibility in your children: Put them to work’, The Economic Times, 15 February 2021.

Dr Jon Quach and Professor Janet Clinton in 'The reading wars debate', Child Mags, 16 February 2021.