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18/08/2021Professor Ian MarshmanMentionVictorian unis move up global rankings as tough years tippedThe Age
Professor Sandra MilliganInterviewNew PathwaysABC News
Dr Melitta HogarthInterviewFury over push for the school subject 'English' to be renamed to avoid offending Indigenous Australians - but plan is labelled 'political correctness gone mad'
Dr Melitta HogarthMentionLeading Australian academic proposes English be renamed to prevent causing offenceThe Herald Sun, The Courier Mail, The Daily Telegraph and subsidiaries
Dr Melitta HogarthMentionA leading education authority is calling for the name “ENGLISH” to be scrapped from the curriculum.2GB: The Chris Smith Show
Professor Janet ClintonInterviewWhat are repeated bursts of remote learning doing to schools and education?RN Drive with Patricia Karvelas
Dr Jeana Kriewaldt and Shu Jun LeeArticleLet’s face it — children miss valuable ‘shoulder-to-shoulder’ learning moments during remote schoolingThe Conversation
Professor Yong ZhaoInterviewCan Chinese Edtech Regulations Stifle a Culture of Striving?