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General inquiries:bblaher@unimelb.edu.au
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Research News

The Foreign Relations Act

Please note requirements staff need to follow when engaging in international collaborations. The University also continues to advocate widely on the value of international collaborations, believing that any additional Government regulation and monitoring should be proportionate to risk, and balanced against the vast majority of international engagements that deliver enormous and valuable benefit to Australian society and beyond.

It is important that colleagues familiarise themselves with the requirements under the Act.  Further information regarding the Scheme is available in the University’s Knowledge Base Article.

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Funding Opportunities

MGSE Conference Registration Funding 2021

Now Open

This year the Graduate School will provide conference registration funding through MERI for academic staff who do not have access to other sources of funds. The funding will cover up to $700 for conference registration for academic staff Levels A-C.

Visit the Funding Opportunities page to find out more.

MGSE Researcher Development Schemes 2021

Closing 28 May 2021

There will be two schemes available for MGSE researchers:

Team-based research seed funding:  Grants for up to $20,000 per project which build on current work within an Academic Group/Hub/Centre and align with the University’s Advancing Melbourne strategy.

Individual seed funded projects: Funding for individual research proposals, Academics Levels A-C, with a maximum $8,000 per application.

More information is available on the Funding Opportunities page.

MGSE Thesis to Pubs Scholarships 2021

Now Open

The Melbourne Graduate School of Education Thesis to Pubs Scholarship is specifically aimed to assist Graduate Researchers (GRs) (PhD and DEd) to write and submit journal articles on the basis of their doctorate thesis whilst the thesis is under examination. The journal articles must be co-authored with one or more of their supervisor(s) (principal or co-supervisors). This scholarship will be open throughout 2021 to all eligible GRs.

The scholarships will be for $5,000.00, sponsored through the William and Kate Herschell Trust.

Visit the Funding Opportunities page to find out more.