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4 August 2021 Nadine Crane Quote Power shift: Has student voice gone too far in our schools?
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4 August 2021 Former student and the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE) Mention Stellar example for Kilmore students
4 August 2021 Dr Jeana Kriewaldt Article School leadership: Cultivating a culture of sustainability
3 August 2021 Professor Helen Cahill and Professor Jim Watterston Article Giving students time for recovery and learning
2 August 2021 Associate Professor Russell Cross Mention The One Teacher Test Which Won’t Make A Difference
1 August 2021 Associate Professor Kay Margetts Quote The nanny boom: pandemic drives parents to seek extra help The Age
31 July 2021 Professor Sandra Milligan Quote Alternatives to the Atar: ‘Most kids don’t know about them’ The Guardian
28 July 2021 Professor Jim Watterston, Professor John Hattie and Professor Helen Cahill Mention Afternoon Briefing - NSW examining antigen testing for high school students ABC News
28 July 2021 Dr Tom Brunzell Article Five myths of remote learning Education Today
27 July 2021 Professor John Hattie Mention Assumption College Kilmore principal awarded Victorian leader fellowship The North Central Review