MTeach 2022

New Steering Committee

Given the significance of the Master of Teaching to the whole of MGSE, and as the project has progressed, the Dean has suggested a broader approach to consultation and support for the MTeach refinement and accreditation processes, than was originally suggested in 2019.

Therefore, a change to the original Strategic Leadership Group has been established. The new Steering Group appointed by the Dean, will consist of members of the professoriate, primarily from the MGSE Executive group, senior teaching and learning staff and senior professional staff. This will require some adjustment to the existing group structures to ensure appropriate input into the program refinement project/accreditation processes.

The steering committee is designed to provide support, guidance and objective oversight of the reaccreditation process of the Melbourne Master of Teaching program.  Importantly, it does not detract from current program of work and consultative process set in place by the A/D Learning and Teaching.

Terms of reference for the Steering Group will involve providing:

  • support for strategic decision making and ensuring that prescribed timelines are met
  • a focus for collaboration, cooperation, communication and the facilitation of consultation across the Division
  • advice into the process of the development of the reaccreditation project
  • advice on workforce planning, budgetary matters and modelling for supply and demand.
  • support the identification of the priorities for the reaccreditation process throughout the life of the project
  • assurance that the graduate student experience is considered in reaccreditation
  • oversight of monitoring of the project process including risks, timelines, and the quality of the project process
  • regular reports to the Dean and MGSE Executive.

The membership of the Steering Group includes:

  • Prof Janet Clinton - (Chair)
  • Prof Lorraine Graham
  • Prof Lindsay Oades
  • Prof Sandra Milligan
  • A/Prof Suzanne Rice
  • A/Prof Wee Tiong Seah
  • Phil Tudor - Finance support and modelling
  • Emily MacKay - Professional Support
  • A/Prof John Quay
  • Dr Daniela Acquaro

Submissions update

The submissions received from members of staff for the reaccreditation of the Master of Teaching highlight the great strength, depth and diversity of work in MGSE. Thank you to the many individuals and groups involved for all of the time spent in thinking about, discussing and writing these contributions. They provide a wealth of feedback and ideas about a future Master of Teaching and certainly provide us with directions to consider.

The submissions are now being analysed by the ITE Leadership Group (John Quay, Daniela Acquaro, Mark Selkrig, Natasha Ziebell, Martina Tassone, Jeanne Marie Iorio, Richard Sallis, Leonie Benson, Genevieve Jordan, Gemma Barry) to inform the next steps in the process.

We have already spent a full day going through them and discussing the rich content. We can already see some strong commonalities in ideas and principles with submissions demonstrating a healthy variety of views, including that of giving more consideration to our teacher candidates’ experiences in the courses. This week the ITE Leadership Group will meet for another long session to further interrogate the submissions, with the aim of clustering the ideas within the submissions into a small number of groupings that reflect the diversity of material and which provide options to consider.

The next step will be to seek feedback from the MGSE community about the various elements incorporated in these versions. This feedback will then be considered by the ITE Leadership Group in order to make recommendations to the Steering Committee and the MSGE Executive group.

As we go forward Daniela and I will continue to update you on the progress in relation to the reaccreditation of the Master of Teaching program and courses, including details of the opportunity for consultation and feedback.

Associate Dean, Learning & Teaching, Associate Professor John Quay