Research News

  • Funding awarded: Tricia Eadie and REEaCh

    Congratulations to Tricia Eadie and the REEaCh Hub for being awarded an Early Childhood Development grant from the Ian Potter Foundation. Tricia will receive approximately $360,000 for the project 'Learning from the COVID-19 crisis in early childhood education: Educator wellbeing and family engagement practices', a partnership between the Research in Effective Education in Early Childhood (REEaCh) Hub at MGSE, the Centre for Community Child Health (CCCH) at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, and Goodstart Early Learning.

  • Funding awarded: Matt Harrison, Lorraine Graham and Anthea Naylor

    Congratulations to Matt Harrison, Lorraine Graham and Anthea Naylor for being awarded funding from the COVID related research in the humanities, arts, and social sciences seed fund scheme.

    The funds will go toward looking at barriers students have since transitioning to online or remote schooling due to COVID, which have exacerbated existing inequities. There is no clearer example of this than the experiences of students with disabilities. Consequently, this project builds on research into the use of video modelling and extends this emerging evidence-based practice to students with complex needs accessing remote education.

  • Contract awarded for development of items for NAPLAN 2022

    The Assessment Research Centre has been awarded a contract by ACARA to develop numeracy and reading items for NAPLAN’s online assessment in 2022. The Centre is working with experts in MGSE’s Mathematics Education Group and Language and Literacy Hub to develop a total of 341 items for Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. The project commenced in August 2020 and will conclude in May 2021.

  • Academic Advisers portal now live

    Supporting our students to build meaningful connections within the University's scholarly community is more important than ever.

    Advising relationships enrich student thinking and set them up for better academic, professional, and personal outcomes. The Academic Advising website has many resources to help academic advisers prepare for meetings including quick reference guides to prepare and run productive first meetings. Key dates and contacts are listed on the website as well.

    Visit the website to learn more about your:

    • Allocated students and meetings
    • Students' University experiences so far
    • Senior Academic Advisors and Student Life professional support staff

    Visit the website

  • Open Access and Research Visibility

    Student and Scholarly Communications has created a new Open Access & Research Visibility page on the Research Gateway. The University's Principles for Open Access to Research Outputs at Melbourne state that researchers are expected to deposit the post peer-reviewed and corrected version of their published research (the Author’s Accepted Manuscript) in the Institutional Repository or an accredited subject repository within three months of publication. It includes a 2-minute video on how to make your research Open Access in Minerva Access, which hopefully demystifies the process for researchers.

    More information

  • Reminders

    Campus-based research

    In light of Stage 4 restrictions, the research and research return to campus pages on the Central University's COVID-19 website have been updated with the latest information on eligibility criteria for on-campus research to ensure compliance with relevant Stage 4 restrictions, as well as advice regarding the new worker permit processes.

    All previously approved on-campus research is to be reassessed to ensure it complies with Stage 4 restrictions. This work is being undertaken at the Academic Division level. No new approvals for return to campus can be given at the Divisional level but are to be managed via the process that was in place for Phase 1 requests. Requests will be routed to the DVCR for approval.

    Guidance on the website will continue to be updated in line with new advice from PRG or any further clarifications from the Victorian government.

    Knowledge and Technology Transfer Services Expansion

    The Knowledge & Technology Transfer team has expanded their services to help you further maximise your research impact for greater benefit to the society, environment, and economy. This includes:

    • Safeguarding University research through the creation of intellectual assets via copyright and/or patent protection
    • Proactively translating these assets into society via the generation of social enterprises and start-ups with access to venture funding partners
    • Licencing research outcomes to industry, not-for-profit organisations and government bodies

    Contact the team for more information.

    Manchester-Melbourne International Research Training Group

    The call for project proposals will close on Monday 26 October.

    In the second Call for Joint PhD Projects with the University of Manchester, up to six collaborative academic pairings will be funded, with two PhD scholarships and supporting funding for each pair, with project proposals open to all research areas. More details about applications can be found in the Joint Call Guidelines.

    ARC scheme EOIs now open

    Expression of Interest (EOI) for ARC schemes opening in the third and fourth quarter of the year are now available. If you are interested in applying for the current rounds please complete the EOI so that the MERI team can support you through the application process.