MTeach 2022 Update

We are drafting a small number of interpretations of each course, which will showcase the possibilities emerging from the submissions. This drafting process will be undertaken with the input of the Program Director of ITE and the AD Learning & Teaching. Drafts will be shared with the Steering Committee for input, then released for consultation with all MGSE staff. This should happen next week.

One of the interpretations to consider for each Master of Teaching course will be the course as it currently stands. The other interpretations will not be designed to stand alone as singular courses for the Master of Teaching, but will instead highlight various design features that could be incorporated into the reaccredited Master of Teaching. MGSE staff will be able to provide feedback about the various elements of these course interpretations, and this feedback will be collected via a central contact point.

All of this feedback will then be made available to the ITE Leadership Group. Each Course Coordinator, with the Program Director of ITE and the AD Learning & Teaching will  develop a working version of each course. These working versions will then be shared with the Steering Committee and the Operations Working Group, which supports the Steering Committee, and further feedback sought. The specific impacts (staffing, costing, timetabling, partnerships, etc.) will be considered and investigated. This will eventuate in penultimate versions being presented to the MGSE Executive.

Associate Dean, Learning & Teaching, Associate Professor John Quay