MGSE staff news

Digital Taskforce Update

Training: Introduction to H5P

Date: Thursday 19 November
Time: 10am - 11.30am


This introductory workshop is designed to give participants the confidence to create interactive content with H5P and embed the activities into Canvas. Participants will learn to recognise the different reasons to use H5P, understand the technical specifications for H5P integration for Canvas, and create new interactions and reuse existing H5P activities. For further enquiries contact

Visit the Digital Taskforce page for further updates.

Join the Melbourne Reconciliation Network Committee

Nominations close Friday 13 November

Reconciliation is central to the full realisation of the University of Melbourne’s purpose. However, for effective reconciliation to occur, there is a need to foster an environment that leads to positive change. The Melbourne Reconciliation Network Committee was formed to facilitate this objective and they are calling for new committee members. Expressions of interest are now being sought for the following positions:

  • Secretary
  • Staff representatives (4 positions)

The Melbourne Reconciliation Network is an opportunity for the University’s academic and professional staff to connect and share information about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues, programs, events, activities and research with the aim of facilitating a deeper understanding of key reconciliation themes, namely historical acceptance; race relations; equality and equity; institutional integrity and unity.

The Network gives staff the confidence to positively contribute to improving relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people within the University community and beyond.

The purpose of the Committee is to provide practical support in the management of and communication to the Network. The Committee aims to have equal Indigenous and non-Indigenous staff representation, where possible. Committee roles are described in the Committee Terms of Reference (DRAFT).

Please read the Terms of Reference, and if you would like to join the Committee please fill out the expression of interest form to be emailed to:

If you have any questions they can also be directed to or if you’d prefer, contact the Melbourne Reconciliation Chairs directly: Karen Davis or Jay Longworth.

Update on COVID-19

Updated return to campus roadmap

A reminder the return to campus roadmap is available online now with new information. At this stage there is no significant change for attending campus: you must still have permission from your section head. As the Premier has re-iterated "if you can work from home you must work from home". The University has moved from 'Heavily Restricted' to 'Restricted'.

MGSE return to campus update

  • MGSE will have very limited on campus activity for the remainder of the year - only those who have been approved to be on campus.
  • Extensive planning is underway for a COVIDSafe return to campus in 2021
  • Under ‘COVID Normal’, the COVIDSafe principles of limiting density and movement, and promoting appropriate hygiene will still apply. This means that not all staff will return to the office full time and we will need to change the way we use our spaces. Staff should expect that they will continue working from home for some portion of their week for the foreseeable future.

Results submissions due in Semester 2

The Results due date for MGSE is  Monday 30 November COB. Non-standard subject results (eg Term 3, Winter) are due within 20 working days of the end of the assessment period. Check the Handbook for the assessment end date. For more results information visit the MGSE intranet.

Customer credit check reports

Staff or departments intending to provide goods or services for a new client of the University are now required to obtain a credit bureau report of their customers prior to undertaking the provision of services or goods for which a new customer record will need to be created and a corresponding sales invoice raised. Company credit reports are obtained by submitting a request to Finance Services. Staff need only to name the company or organisation, its ABN, a contact email address and an estimated invoice value for the proposed provision of goods or services to the customer (minimum value $500). Staff are also encouraged to request a report for existing customers should they wish to update relevant details or reassess their future relationship with that company.

University brand update

New campus images available on Imagebank

Over 200 new photographic images of campus have been added to the University's Imagebank. Log in using your staff username and password. You'll find the pictures in the 'Latest Uploads' folder. University staff can download and use these images for general marketing and communications purposes.

University Style Guide update

The University Communications & Marketing team have recently updated UoM's Style Guide.

The main updates in the earlier iteration were:
-Change to numbering (commas not spaces in tens of thousands upwards)
-Updated non-gendered referencing to alumni

This version includes, among some other smaller edits:
-Style for COVID-19 (not Covid)
-  Referencing graduate researchers (not RHD)
-Some among us were unhappy with the concept of partner, as opposed to husband or wife, so we included spouse as an alternative

The team will review the Style Guide in 2021. For more about branding, logos and images, visit the MGSE intranet page.

Sport returns to campus

MU Sport is pleased to announce that the recent changes to COVID-19 restrictions have paved the way for a gradual return to sport and fitness at the University in line with government requirements. Outdoor activities such as small group fitness classes and tennis coaching have already resumed, and fitness facilities including the Beaurepaire Centre and pool are scheduled to reopen on Monday 9 November.

Please make sure you adhere to all the COVID Safe requirements put in place by MU Sport.

Six-week mindfulness groups

This six-week mindfulness group program involves the teaching and practicing of mindfulness skills in a group format. Each session will run for two hours and will be co-facilitated by two provisional psychologists. Anyone over 18 years of age can attend the mindfulness groups. You do not need to undertake a psychological assessment to take part.

The six-week mindfulness groups will be running on the following dates, fees apply:
Group 5: Monday 9 November until Monday 14 December, 12pm - 2pm
Group 6: Friday 13 November until Friday 18 December, 12pm - 2pm

Register via the sign-up form.

IT Update

UniWireless network terms of use

For many of us it may be some time before returning to campus, but when you do return, please note that you may need to reaccept the UniWireless terms of use before connecting to the network. Your device will prompt you to accept these terms if you haven't already done so on that device, or if that acceptance has expired on the device. For further information visit the IT services and support page.

New measures to help secure University computers

The University is working to provide additional layers of protection for your data with computer encryption. Encryption doesn't stop you from accessing and using your computer, however, it can help to stop hackers or thieves from getting access to your data. It effectively makes your data unreadable to anybody other than yourself.

From this week, compatible University-managed Mac and Windows computers will be progressively encrypted. If you want to opt in to have your computer encrypted at an earlier date, please reach out to the Service Centre for assistance.

For Windows users: The encryption process will automatically start when you connect your device to the University VPN or the on campus network.

For Mac users: The encryption process will commence when you restart your device.

Visit the Cybersecurity for Staff @Melbourne page for more information.

Recording now available for the Menzies Oration

You may have had the opportunity to join the recent 2020 Menzies Oration that featured Dr Tina Seelig, where Dr Seelig explored a series of compelling case studies and examples of creativity with constraints. The oration followed a workshop Dr Seelig led at the Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship, the week prior, where a group of emerging Australian entrepreneurs had the opportunity to interact with Dr Seelig, putting her theory into practice. If you missed the opportunity to view the oration live, or you would simply like to share the session with friends and colleagues, the video is now live online to view at your leisure. The presentation was also broadcast nationally on ABC Radio National's Big Ideas, and can be heard as a radio recording.

New series: Conversations on COVID-19

How likely is a vaccine for COVID-19 and what is the responsibility of wealthy countries in making sure it reaches the world's most vulnerable communities? What is the role of the public health expert in making sure we believe the messages, and just who listens to them anyway?

Director of the USA's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr Anthony Fauci joined the Doherty's Professor Sharon Lewin and Dean of MDHS Professor Shitij Kapur to discuss these questions and much more this week in the first instalment of a new series with experts from around the globe about how the pandemic is reshaping our world. Watch Conversations on COVID-19: The Global View.