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MGSE Media Mentions

Please note our media monitoring service iSentia has resolved its technical problems, however they are still working through a backlog while their services were down. We’ll bring them to you as soon as they’re made available.

Professor Emeritus Franks Larkins in ‘SA uni merger becomes a matter of politics’, The Australian Financial Review – 1 November 2020 (subscription required)

Dr Gwilym Croucher and Dr James Waghorne wrote ‘Universities in crisis? They’ve been there before, and found a way out’, The Conversation – 5 November 2020

Associate Professor Kay Margetts was cited in ‘Schools get creative in welcoming children as COVID makes transition visits tough’, The Sector – 6 November 2020

Professor Lea Waters in ‘Relax, recover and recharge in Fiji’, – 6 November 2020

Associate Professor Peggy Kern in ‘‘Hate Following’: The Toxic Instagram Habit You’re Probably Guilty Of’, DMARGE online magazine – 7 November 2020

Dr Chelsea Hyde spoke to Nine News about how Year 12 students and their families can bring the calm during VCE exams, Nine News – 9 November 2020

Professor Jim Watterston’s industry report ‘Those Who Disappear’ was cited in ‘Checking the numbers on SA school retention’, InDaily – 9 November 2020

Dr James Waghorne wrote ‘Remembrance Day: Updating An Incomplete Record’, Pursuit – 9 November 2020

Laureate Professor Emeritus John Hattie spoke with ABC NSW Statewide Drive program about the NSW Government’s announcement of free tutoring to support students in 2021 (Listen from 30:30), ABC Radio – 10 November 2020

Professor Emeritus Franks Larkins in ‘Global rankings are distorting universities' decisions, says ANU chief’, The Sydney Morning Herald and associated Nine Newspapers – 11 November 2020 (subscription required)

Professor Sandra Milligan’s industry report ‘Future-proofing students’ was cited in ‘Education heavyweights launch new think tank’, The Educator Australia – 12 November 2020

Dr Jenny Chesters spoke with ABC Life Matters ‘Will the JobMaker scheme help young people get sustainable jobs?’, ABC Radio National – 13 November 2020

Professor Lea Waters in ‘Fiji’s open arms’, The New Zealand Herald - 16 November 2020

Professor Liz McKinley cited in ‘Celebrating Indigenous cultures through STEM and virtual reality’, Teacher Magazine – 17 November 2020

Dr Victoria Millar in ‘How schools can tackle the STEM skills gap’, The Educator Australia – 18 November 2020