Working from Home and Staff Wellbeing

Working from Home

Upcoming outage on select University applications and websites

Systems and websites accessed by the old University login page (auth.unimelb) will be unavailable from 7-9am on Sunday 24 May. This includes Staff Hub, Student Portal, LMS and the identity management system. You won't be able to log into these systems and websites during this two-hour outage. This outage doesn't affect systems and websites that use the new University login page (sso.unimelb). Contact the Service Centre for any enquiries or call 834 40888.

Zoom Update

Zoom personal meeting room
The University has applied a change to Zoom that made passwords mandatory for Zoom personal meeting rooms or 'my personal meeting ID (PMI)'. If you've sent around or published your personal meeting room link as a way of organising your meeting, and have not previously set a password for your personal meeting room, you'll need to communicate a new personal meeting room link to your guests to ensure they can access your meeting room. This is because your link will have changed and now includes an embedded password.

Instructions on how you can find your new Zoom personal meeting room link are available on the Staff Services Portal.

Scheduling Zoom meetings
Zoom now automatically secures scheduled Zoom meetings with a password. Meeting participants won't need to enter the password if they have the scheduled Zoom meeting invitation link. The convenience of one-click to join a meeting continues and the automatically-generated password is listed on the meeting invitation for participants who may wish to join by telephone.

This change does not apply to meetings scheduled before 6 PM on Wednesday 6 May.

Branded Zoom backgrounds

University of Melbourne branded Zoom virtual backgrounds are available in plain blue, South Lawn, and Old Quad on the Brand Hub. For any enquiries contact

Enhanced library services

The University's library services are currently being delivered virtually and libraries are closed due to COVID-19. However, our libraries provide access to a vast array of materials online, with many publishers temporarily expanding their digital offerings.

If the University doesn't currently have the material you need electronically, librarians will investigate options to supply a suitable resource.

Health and Safety advice

If you need the latest information about how to keep your work environment safe at home, visit the Health and Safety website for more tips.

Working from home or remotely

The University has created a Working from home or remotely page which has everything you need from IT advice to how to claim home office working expenses.

Virtual campus image guidelines now available

As the University community transitions to remote ways of working, studying and researching, the images we select to use online and in presentations are an important consideration that should reflect the current environment.

Imagery content and style needs to shift from portraying our campuses, grounds and location-based group activities, and instead portray the University's exploratory nature and reflect our ability to create intimate connections with like-minded individuals and inspire a new generation of learners and leaders.

The Brand Team has developed 'Virtual Campus Image Guidelines' to help you select appropriate images. These guidelines will be updated regularly in response to global conditions.

Staff wellbeing

Stay active at home with MU sport

Check out MU Sport's Staying Active page for ideas to keep active while working from home. With a range of programs and videos, and workouts varying from yoga to high intensity cardio, there is something for all fitness levels! MU Sport is adding new videos and content daily, so visit the page if you need a new workout idea.

Testing at the University of Melbourne

The Victorian Government has recently broadened the testing criteria and is encouraging everyone with mild symptoms to be tested. This broadening of the criteria will provide more information to DHHS to help track the spread of the virus. This information will also inform the timing of any potential easing of restrictions.

Free testing is now available to all staff and students who wish to be tested at the University of Melbourne Health Service.  Taking a COVID-19 test is completely voluntary and it is up to individuals to decide whether they wish to access the free testing.

More information regarding the updated testing criteria from DHHS is available.