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MGSE Media Mentions

Dr Paige Williams in Families in lockdown, some struggle while others thrive – The Age and associated Nine Newspapers, 10 May 2020

Associate Professor Ian Marshman & Emeritus Professor Frank Larkins with the Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education in ‘The real cost of university teaching’ – Campus Morning Mail, 10 May 2020

Dr Alex Bacalja wrote ‘Our children play more online games than ever. Here's how you can take a more active role as a parent’ in The Guardian, 11 May 2020

Professor John Hattie in ‘Coronavirus turning some parents towards home schooling’ on ABC’s The World Today – 12 May 2020

Professor John Hattie in ‘Could maximum class sizes of 15 pupils significantly improve our children's school life?’ in The Telegraph (UK) – 12 May 2020

Dr Paige Williams spoke with ABC Radio South East (SA) Breakfast about how regional families are coping during COVID-19 compared to their urban counterparts – ABC Radio South East, SA 13 May 2020

Dr Paul Molyneaux’s research was cited in Supporting Children’s Language Learning in Lockdown – Belle About Town, 14 May 2020

Dr Babak Dadvand spoke to Tom Mann and Zoe Kounadis on Radio Adelaide’s Breakfast program about how students and teachers are expected to cope with the return to school – Radio Adelaide, 14 May 2020

Professor Lea Waters wrote How Do We Teach Students About Their Wellbeing Online? In Pursuit – 19 May 2020