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MGSE Media Mentions

Associate Professor Peggy Kern in ‘The struggle to belong at school: Australia bombs in student satisfaction’ – in Lens (Monash University publication) 10 March, 2020 (republished on

Professor Lea Waters in ‘The family lockdown guide: how to emotionally prepare for coronavirus quarantine’ – The Guardian 13 March 2020 (republished by Yahoo!)

Enterprise Professor Sandra Milligan in ‘Parents consider keeping children home as more schools close’ – The Age, 15 March 2020 (republished in the SMH, WA Today & The Brisbane Times)

Megan O’Connell in ‘COVID-19: what closing schools and childcare centres would mean for parents and casual staff’ – The Conversation, 17 March 2020

Megan O’Connell in ‘Schools stay open for now on health advice’ – The Canberra Times and republished throughout Nine Newspapers regional publications, 18 March 2020

Professor Lea Waters wrote ‘Silver linings: how to stay positive during the coronavirus crisis’ – The Guardian 18 March, 2020

Professor Lea Waters in The Project’s TV segment ‘How can we best help the kids through this crisis? We asked the experts’ – The Project, Network 10, 18 March 2020

Professor Bridie Raban in ‘Three ways to help your child's learning at home’ – ABC Education 18 March 2020

Megan O’Connell in ‘Coronavirus Australia: medical certificate needed for childcare subsidy if children kept home’ – The Guardian, 20 March 2020

Professor Lea Waters wrote 'Like an emotional Mexican wave': how coronavirus kindness makes the world seem smaller – The Guardian, 21 March 2020

Professor Lea Waters interviewed in ‘Practical advice: How do you avoid 'cabin fever' in COVID-19 isolation?’ - ABC Radio Canberra, 23 March 2020